Beef, Chicken, Eggs/ Carne, Pollo y Huevos


We had the pleasure and obligation to visit the ranch in the high lands of Jalisco. We could see the attraction for the French who settled there during the bygone era of Maximiliano. We noticed the blond and blue eyed race, grounded deeply in the Mexican culture of churros, ranch life and craft beers.

Our meats and poultry are produced humanely in small herds on holistic graze land on a family operated ranch in the highlands of Jalisco.

As we learned The difference between free ranged and holistically grazed herds is

holistic grazed is actually small herds on open fields with native organic grasses and natural sources of running water, such as stream fed ponds, lakes and streams.

Free ranged means large herds are passed from one lot onto another to feed on seeded grass and drink at watering stations…many times purified with antibacterial liquids.



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