Our Story

The Story

Organic started out in 2004 when we needed to source our food supply from local producers, That, and living my dream of completing a degree of acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine  which took us on a spectacular journey of discovery .  We started growing wheat grass and sunflower sprouts (the sprout on our logo) on our balcony in a one bedroom apartment looking over river Cuale. We had a day called the route of the silver braids (trenzas platiadas), because mostly we bought from rural elder ladies. Along the way we found most producers did not have a market for their products and produce.  We found a need to be filled.  Then, we added home delivery each week for ease. Some of you readers will remember our first delivery car was an old hatch back with Ana and I delivering eggs, cheese, sprouts and wheat grass. Organic Select was born to serve as a link between a discerning public and a producers while providing a venue for a wellness through diet, Asian medicine and traditional Mexican herbology.  From the beginning we vetted producers in methods, hygiene and animal handling for food safety.   We have a lot of fun and trying experiences on the back roads of our 100 mile radius from Mascota, to the Colima and some points north.  Then, one hot summer we thought it would helpful to have a website, www.organic-select.com came forward with a tech friend. We started taking photos and experimenting while expanding inventory.  Our friends and family have been an endless source of inspiration and encouragement.  My daughters Mysti and Melissa kept us in the curve with trends from the U.S., while Ana is a feverish research marshal. Blessed we are with passion and obsession for growth and discovery. When we hit a curve, we looked for another curve that would fit.

Then, folks asked us,¨where is the store¨  And that’s how we came across our store front on Francia St. in Versalles. Once we walked in we felt at home with the rock walls and fountains with rooms for the wellness center upstairs.

Then, folks starting asking for something to eat, therefore we started offering simple meals and preparing salads, juices and café for those on the run. 

Here we are today, with 2 farms, Organic Select Garderns San Sebastian del Oeste and open air crop farm in Criadero, La Parcela de los Abuelos, an in-house specialty bakery, processing warehouse and a business that supports 15 families and many local farmers and producers.  

The newest gastronomica venture ¨Las Hijas de Eva¨ is our dinner option by Anas sisters, Alondra, Maloy and Magaly inspired by Moms cooking, Eva Hernandez, so, great homemade flavors made with O.S. stuff. They serve organic beers, wines, raicilla and tequila.

 We are grateful to all those that have supported this process in bringing to you today our transforming vision of wellness in body mind and soul. 

Welcome to our community.

Thank you, thanks you, thank you. 

Krystal Frost