Crystal Bowls - Sound Bath Relaxing Hypnotic Nidra

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CRYSTAL BOWL SOUND BATH W/ Relaxing hypnotic nidra

Relax with beautiful sounds, guided breathwork and transformative nidra meditation.
Hypnotic yoga nidra is a state of deep relaxation where your mind is guided to focus on positive suggestions. The goal of hypnotic nidra with sound is to invite carefully selected visualization and suggestions into the brain that activate the natural healing response in your body.
The combination of this with sound therapy and breathwork can dramatically reduce cellular stress and positively alter your mind , and in turn your behaviors.

This is a deeply nourishing experience that will help you to unleash your body's healing intelligence, remove stagnant energy and expand your mind for increased peace.
You will feel like you've gained greater clarity and had a reset.
This community class is perfect for people who find it difficult to relax or meditate, in addition to being wonderful for people with meditation experience, perhaps looking for more

You will discover:
An effective tool to handle difficult emotions & pain
Deep rest in a busy world.
Positively stimulate your immune system
A method that sets foundations for a graceful, peaceful lifestyle.
A way forward to achieve your goals
A space to let go of things holding you back


(No reviews yet) Write a Review